Brief Introduction of China Meat Association

China Meat Association (CMA) is a national first class circulation organization approved by the former Ministry of Internal Trade of the People's Republic of China and registered with the Ministry of Civil Administration. It is one of main members of International Meat Secretariat, the member of Council of Secretariat and the member of Committee of Executive Council.

China Meat Association is a national social organization with legal qualification. It is an organization which can be participated voluntarily by organized bodies over regions and departments. China Meat Association takes the state-owned meat-food companies, meat slaughtering, meat processing and refrigerating enterprises as the main body and is also takes in all kinds of ownership enterprises which do the same trade as well as scientific research, undertakings, colleges, social bodies, press, etc. It has two hundred and eighty five group members and has good relationships with nine hundred meat processing and cold storage enterprises, four hundred and fifty companies in big-and-medium-size cities, one thousand eight hundred food companies in country and thousands of basic food companies and retailers.

The aim of CMA is: 1, To adhere to reform and opening policy of government; 2, To bring bridge tie into play; 3, To serve for the government and enterprises; 4, To strengthen industry self-control; 5, To safeguard legal rights and interests of enterprises; 6, To promote enterprises' reform and development to rejuvenate meat industry and promote property of meat market.

The business scope of the CMA is: 1, To research developing trends of meat industry, offer advises on the trade development and trade policies to the government; 2, To carry out state police and decree, strengthen self-control of the trade, lay down trade rules to make it in order, improve business credit; 3, To provide consulting services to enterprises on production, marketing, information, management, technology, policy and making decision; 4, To promote the wide uses of new products, technologies and equipment and to progress science and technology; 5, To train professional personnel for improving quality and level of enterprises; 6, To hold national meat fair, exposition, information briefing and experience exchanging; 7, To develop international intercourse, expand exchanges with foreign collogues on economy, trade and technologies; 8, To coordinate and conduct works of branches, specialized council, big-region offices and local meat associations.

The headquarters and secretariat of CMA are located in Beijing. It has five independent specialized councils of commodity trade, meat processing and cold storage, quick frozen food, livestock and poultry slaughtering and meat market information. CMA also set up six big-region offices in Shenyang, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Xian. They are branches of CMA and also organizations, which coordinate local meat industry in economy, trade and technology.